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Innate desire to help your organization achieve world class status, is what drives us to excel.
Helping you Hire Millennial Leadership. Sharpened. Is how we contribute to It.


Talent Research

Our Reverse Engineering approach to Talent Acquisition delivers a host of advantages including valuable competitor insights , their quality operators and differentiators. For cutting edge insights to hone your talent acquisition strategy.

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Talent Acquisition

True leaders are rare – capability to spot and discern them from usual loud mouths is rarer! Armed with outstanding Domain expertise in targeted sectors, inherent wisdom to assess the leadership potential.

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Talent Assessment & Development

iCresset’s Assessment solutions equip your organization with a future roadmap for growth. Beyond just acquiring and managing the best talent, create a talent pool that continuously up-scales to your organization’s growth strategies.

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Our Domain Expertise

As the war for talent intensifies in the ever evolving business environment, it's the domain expertise that wins the war for talent. Return business making ~70% of our business revenue bears testimony to our ability to closely examine client's strategy & culture thereby enabling us to identify "fit for purpose" millennial leaders.

  • At iCresset, we believe in Precision Search & NOT Iterative Search. Domain Expertise powers the engine of this Efficient & Lean hiring system
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry, its competing organizations and their talent landscape is the Stage Null of our Precision Search System.
  • Team of 25 Domain Advisors with cumulative of 20+ Man years of experience per domain, hone the industry knowledge of iCresset's Talent Consultants.
  • Our Incisive Job Analysis along with the client's Functional heads, enables us to focus on the Must Haves, while we get creative on other parameters to hire Millennial Leadership. Sharpened. For You.

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